Angular 8: Upgrading & Summary of New Features

Angular 8 has arrived and with it a bunch of workflow and performance improvements. Like we did for the previous few releases, let’s go over what’s new with Angular 8 as well as how to go about upgrading your Angular 7 apps over to Angular 8.

26 Miraculous VS Code Tools for JavaScript Developers in 2019

Visual Studio Code (more casually known as VS code) is a lightweight but powerful cross platform source code editor that runs on your desktop. With built in support for development tools like TypeScript and the Chrome Debugger, I quickly fell in love with the editor the more I used it to build my projects.

Building a Dynamic Tree Diagram with SVG and Vue.js

This article will take you through my learning journey into how I created a dynamic tree diagram that uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for drawing Cubic Bezier curve paths and Vue.js for data reactivity.

Using Typescript to make invalid states irrepresentable

One of the principles of good Haskell, and in general good Typed Functional Programming, is the principle of making invalid states irrepresentable. What does this mean? We use the typesystem to craft types that impose constraints on our data and our state, so that it’s impossible to represent these states that should not exist. Now that, at the type level, we managed to banish invalid states, the typesystem will step in and give us trouble every time we try to construct an invalid state.

How To Build Minesweeper With JavaScript

In my last post I showed you guys a tic tac toe game I built using JavaScript, and before that I built a matching game. For this week’s post I decided to ramp up the complexity a bit. You guys are going to learn how to build minesweeper with JavaScript. I also used jQuery, a JavaScript library that is helpful for interacting with html. Whenever you see a function call with a leading dollar sign, that is jQuery at work. If you want to learn more about it, the documentation for it is very good.

How To Build A Sketch Plugin With JavaScript, HTML And CSS

If you’ve ever worked with Sketch, the odds are that there have been plenty of moments when you’ve thought, “If only Sketch could do this one particular thing, I’d be able to accomplish the task at hand much faster, easier, and better.” Well, fret no longer! In this two-part article, you’ll learn how to build your our own Sketch plugins from scratch — giving you the skills needed to solve exactly these kinds of problems.

Improve Your JavaScript Knowledge By Reading Source Code

When you are still early on in your programming career, digging into the source code of open source libraries and frameworks can be a daunting endeavor. In this article, Carl Mungazi shares how he got over his fear and began using source code to improve his knowledge and skills. He also uses Redux to demonstrate how he approaches breaking down a library.

Best practices for building a large scale react application

This article describes the steps to building a large scale React application. While making a Single Page App with React, it is very easy for your code-base to become unorganized. This makes the app hard to debug and even harder to update or to extend the codebase.